Ideal Body Weight For 6 Foot 2 Inch Male

By | December 10, 2017

I'm 75kg(12 stone) at 5 ft 7 and i'd say my build is medium to lean. At 6 ft 2 i'd say you have to be 90kg(14 stone)+ to avoid looking skinny. All this depends on how you carry your weight though, if you have skinny legs like you say then you could have a larger upper body as a lower weight. 0. Reply.

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Normal Weight · TheFreeWindows Normal Weight publishes two charts that will let you know your normal weight according to your gender, height and frame. Go to the male or female chart, then find your height at the left (in feet, inches or cm). Then select your frame at the right and see the range of your normal (ideal).

The logic is the same for men except I am adding about 10lbs per inch. So. a 5″ 5″ male on average (not considering a muscular build) would weight around 130 lbs. A 5′ 6″ male on average would weight around 140lbs, a 5′9 male would weight around 170, on up to a 6′ male who would weight in the area of 200.

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Weight Ranges are used to recommend appropriate weights for differing groups of people. Weight Watchers uses ranges based on Body Mass Index (BMI). 4' 11", 59", 99, 124. 5'0", 60", 102, 128. 5'1", 61", 106, 132. 5'2", 62", 109, 137. 5'3", 63", 113, 141. 5'4", 64", 117, 146. 5'5", 65", 120, 150. 5'6", 66", 124, 155. 5'7", 67.

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Jul 25, 2014. At 5 feet 6 inches tall and 128 pounds, is he really that far out of the mainstream? Well, according to 2010 data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these are the measurements of the average American man: Height: 5 feet 9 inches (69.3 inches) Weight: 195.5 pounds. Waist circumference:.

This is the standard widely used to classify people as underweight, normal weight, or obese. “Some experts will suggest that calculating BMI is the best way to figure out if a body weight is ideal. for every inch after five feet rule.

An easy rule of thumb for estimating ideal body weight, consistent with findings of the Harvard study: — For women, 100 pounds for a height of 5 feet, with five additional pounds for each added inch of height. — For men, 106 pounds for a.

Ideal Body Weight Calculator for calculating ideal or average body weight for height for women and men.

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MediCalculator IBW-hamwi computations are based on inches and pounds, according to the following: M = 106 lb for the first 5 ft + 6 lb for each additional inch. M = 48 kg for the first 152.4 cm + 1.1 kg for each additional cm. F = 100 lb for the first 5 ft + 5 lb for each additional inch. F = 45 kg for the first 152.4 cm + 0.9 kg for.

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Calculate an adult female or male ideal weight to height ratio using our guide chart to help avoid obesity related illness or disability. Adults Weight to Height Ratio Chart. Height ft. in. (cms), Female symbol. Female, Male symbol. Male. 4' 6" (137 cm), 63 – 77 lb (28.5 – 34.9 kg), 63 – 77 lb (28.5 – 34.9 kg). 4' 7" (140 cm), 68.

What is my ideal weight for myself. – 7/13/2016 1:46:35 PM. maryjoy Is it normal for a 19 year old girl to have a weight 40 kg. and a height of 4'11? – 7/1/2016 2:47 :11 AM. alazae I am 45 inches tall and im fourteen years old but i weigh 45kg is that good or bad and how much should i really weigh – 6/9/2016 6:28:11 AM.

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